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Those enigmatic nine months before a new life is born is filled with so many dreams, so many emotions. Nothing prepares you for that first moment you walk through the door to your home with a new baby. You put the car seat on your kitchen table and stare at it, is this really happening right now? Your home is filled with flowers, gift baskets, beautiful cards... You are paused, what now? Your body reminds you that you haven't slept in a really long time, you decide to lay down, the man who is responsible for all of this is either still shaking from experiencing the miracle of life or is most likely asleep somewhere far away from where you are. You slowly put the baby down then you lay there staring again. You close your eyes only to open them moments later... And you finally understand all those annoying people at the office who told you to sleep now because you will never sleep again. What do they know... apparently everything. What follows next is mentioned in absolutely none of the pregnancy books, which makes sense as the pregnancy stage is now over and you realize you know nothing, and you are not sure why nobody warned you about the inability to do many human functions post giving this beautiful new life... In the days that follow you search through your gift baskets and pray somewhere someone gave you something you actually needed this very moment... After folding the 10th blankie you text your mom and say thank you because you finally have some respect and slight understanding. Everybody cries, and everywhere you go someone will always say to enjoy it because it doesn't last long and before you know they will be all grown up!



BecauseVito is a company born out of the desire to provide new families with gifts they actually need when they become parents. Featuring products that are locally made here in Ontario by the most amazing people with really great brands that we should really pay attention to and trust because they are crafting the best products with you and your family in mind. Using only natural and safe ingredients. Our skin is the biggest organ - what we put on it matters. What we put on our babies skin matters even more, I want to provide new moms with products they will feel good about using on their new babies, products that actually heal their baby’s skin issues. It is not easy knowing who to trust. Your doctor, your friends, everyone will have an opinion, everyone will have a solution. We have been pressured by main stream media and our society to use harmful chemicals on ourselves and our new babies by huge corporations and their huge advertising budgets, but if we take the time to read what’s in those products we will learn that they are simply harmful. New moms often don't have the time to go and find products that are natural and that work, especially when they are not available in our local drug stores. My intent is to make this process easier for new parents, by doing the research for you, and combining the best and the safest solutions for your new skin care and wellness needs as new parents. Packaged and ready to gift. 




Because VITO...